When I am near you,
Nothing else can even remotely explain how I feel.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly ~




I am going to be totally honest with you. I am truly missing you, the feeling gives me unbelievable pain. And I was angry for not being able to talk to you. So very pissed. I am human too right. I feel things acutely when you are not near.
You know how to make me feel alright. A simple text is suffice. When I know that you think about me too, I feel like singing in the rain. You are my everything baby and I am so in love with you…

~ Dilly ~
17/04 / 2014

I am only yours…

I love you only you and my life is only yours
My world is you my soul is yours
I have eyes for you
I have vowed to you to love till I die and afterlife
My baby, love me till I’m breathless and even when I am far…

Don’t have any doubts about my love my baby. I have given myself to you and I don’t, even when I am unconscious, think about anyone but you. I love you so much, so very much and every day I want you to have and to hold.
I love you so much..

~ Dilly ~

My greatest discovery…


I love you.
Every day every minute every second.
I love you with my yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s hope.
I love you with every bone in my body, every blood cell and every inch.
I love you with all the words I can think of and all I am about to discover.
In short, I just love you so much.
You are mine and I am yours…

~ Dilly ~

So the countdown begins…


10 days without you. 240 hours of not hearing your voice. I think I’m already shaking in agonizing pain. Your voice is the most beautiful melody to me and how I long to hear you. All day I talk to you but I never get bored. The more I hear you more I want to hear you, again and again. I am addicted to you and I quite like that. I want to be with you always just like any girl would have with the love of her life.You are so important to me. So important, without you I will be no more…

~ Dilly ~

You are my sun…

Being in love with you is a fantastic thing. Just like the sun is shining in the morning, I am sure my life would be such a sunny one with your love. Every moment I spend with you is a bliss.
I thank you for loving me this much.
You are my sun…

~ Dilly ~

Want You near…

When I dream of you whole night and open my eyes, you are not hear near me. I miss the warmth of your body. It’s the greatest feeling to be woken up with the love of your life. Cuddling and whispering sweet nothing to his ears. I want it. I want to wake up sleep and do everything with you. I love you so much, it hurts me to be away with you. Waiting to see your smiling face in the morning my darling…

~ Dilly ~