You are my EVERYTHING…

I want you to know that I’m such an idiot at times but I’m your idiot. I love you madly, love to pamper you with everything I have. Love to give my everything for you, even my life, I will not think twice. If I have made a stupid mistake, forgive me. I love you so much baby. You are my everything, it’s not just words, it’s what’s echoing in my heart…






I will love you more…

I love you and I cannot live without you. That is a fact and I know that is the truth as I’m sure the sun is shining tomorrow and I love that fact. Moments away from you make me go insane but I will bear it since I have no other choice of course. When I’m with you my heart is somersaulting and it is just a wonderful feeling. To be with you, sitting next to you, holding your hands and listening to your voice, these are the few simple things in life, you may say, that make my life so complete. You complete me, in every way. That’s why I adore you, worshipping the ground you walk and it’s not at all a blind faith but love, that comes from the deepest end of my heart, once belong to me but now it’s all yours and I know you will make it safe. In your heart, I am safe too I know and you are making me so happy by giving me so much love. I get mad at you at times but I shouldn’t have. I should cultivate patience and love you, madly like I do now. I feel I can love you more. I will.

I will love you more, and more and more till I die, my everlasting love….