Even when you are mad with me…

I make you angry at times. Then you hurt me intentionally because even I believe that I deserve that. The night would be longer and I would be sleepless. Hurt and dejected,  wondering what you might think. I have sudden fits of sadness and I cry, making my whole existance miserable. I love you so much, it is a fact. When you are mad with me my love increases and I long for you. Even my bones cry for you, deep within they yearn for your warmth.  I love you baby…

~ Dakshi ~


My Sweet Charmer…

I want to hear you. That is like the oxygen I breathe, without I can’t live.
Your voice bring me hope and sweeter dreams which will become reality very soon. You possess my soul, in everything I do. My sweet charmer, I feel so lifeless when I don’t see you or hear.
Take my pain away, please?

~ Dilly ~