I can’t help falling in love with you..

Writing you a love letter means I am happy and relaxed and the gloomy dark clouds of pain is no more. I get agitated sometimes but believe me I don’t want to. I love you so much and I have promised to love you eternally. I am with you not because of the promise but because I need to. I know no one can make me feel the way you do. There is something about you which is irresistible and I keep falling in love with you. I am sorry but I can’t help loving you.

~ Dilly ~


You are my God…

Sometimes I dream of you at night. I can’t exactly remember what they were. Sometimes I think I am confusing myself with dreams and reality. In every waking hour too I think of you. Just as I breathe in and breathe out I think of you. Your name is circulating in my blood stream and every blood cell of mine is familiar with you now. Your touch, exquisite and it makes me feel extra ordinary and I shiver when I remember the taste of your kiss. It’s magical.

Are you a human or a Demi God, I sometimes wonder. I love you, that I know and you are my God…

~ Dilly ~




Time to fly away with You…

I was too possessive of you. You were suffocating underneath and ran away. I don’t blame you. Anyone with a sound mind would do that. But the truth is I never stopped loving you. All the time, everyday. I kept on believing that you would come back.

And thank God, you did. It was a miracle and I’m proud to have you in my life. A soul mate to walk beside you. Every step, all the time.

I love you. Wherever I go, I take you with me. I feel I’m empty inside when I don’t see or hear you but I’m coming for you and next time, we both go.

I know that and I feel it.

So pack your bags baby. I love you so much you know?

Time is ticking for our flight…



My Religion…

You have become my religion. You name is like a prayer that come to my lips every morning. I keep remembering you, your scent, your kiss and everything belongs to you. I chant hymns and pray. My eyes need to see only you, y hands yearn for your touch, my lips cry for a kiss and my entire body rebels when I think of you. God, you are so unbelievably amazing and I’m utterly and completely and insanely in love with you.

Yeah, it feel so good to be in love with you, my Sweetest love…

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Lucky One…

I breathe because of you. It’s so amazing to live your life for someone. I love it. I live my life for you and believe me, ours is not the perfect love story but I love every minute of it. You simply make everything possible. You give me courage and help me to understand my potential and I cannot thank you enough, you are amazingly wonderous. I can’t live a single second without thinking of you, I love you, so much. You are mine and that makes me so happy.

To have you and your love, I must be really very lucky…