# Random…

I am bored without your voice. I wonder,  do you too?

~ Dakshi~


I wish I am…

One day. Two days. Today is the third day and you don’t seem to be missing me. It’s ok. I miss you and I will keep it in my heart. You being the sophisticated deep thinker, these kind of emotions must be novel to you. Love makes me miserable at times and I wish I am dead.

~ Dilly~


I feel alone without you.
My heart is not beating.
Where are you?

~ Dilly ~


I get angry often when people around me Talk. Then I realize how much I miss you. You are like the sun far away, always there but I can’t have or touch. It is too proud because of the magnificent nature. I should be able to live with my mind shut. No pain then because I will be numb. Numb as a zombie.

~ Dilly ~

I Miss you terribly…

I have told you how much I love you and as you know a second away from you seems like a life time away. I try to do other things and forget my pain, the sense of loneliness in me. My life has no meaning whatsoever if I can’t see you, be around and feel your love. I miss you. Every atom of my body misses you, terribly and it is such a hurt, you know. I have lost purpose of my life, when I  don’t see you. You have made me a better person and I don’t know how I should be thankful to you. I want to run far far away with you, where I can live my life to the fullest without any disturbances and obstacles. I love you so much.

I miss you so terribly.