Another ♥ filled 19th…


Another 19th day of a month. Reminds me of how badly I treated you on a particular 19th. That was exactly two years and 11 months ago. But see I am today.  Head to toe in love with you. I have utmost love and respect for you. You are the blessing in my life. The one and only. Without any doubt,  God must have seen my melancholic state and sent you.
Thank God…

~ Dilly~


My God you are…

I am all yours and you have all the rights about me. It is a fact.  When I first said ” I do” I have given you the power to love me or crush and burn me.
You are my God…

~ Dilly~

Make me relaxed…

I know you have hundred and one things on your mind. I know you are worried too. But I want you not to bother about anything. I am here for you. Wish I could talk with you leisurely but I will bear it up. I want to cuddle up with you and die in your arms. It is such a pain to live far away from you. I love you so much.  I love you more than I can say. You are my baby. My everlasting love. I need your voice to sedimentate myself..

~ Dilly~

Amidst the pain I always love you…


I am tired. Physically. Everywhere aches. Only solace is the feeling that I have you. I love you so much. Want You to know that.

~ Dakshi ~

Feel my heart beat?

I just want to spend my entire life with you. You are too adorable and I can’t stop thinking about you.  When we are not together, tears come to my eyes involuntarily.
I love you so so very much. Feel my heart beat?

~ Dilly ~


When I am near you,
Nothing else can even remotely explain how I feel.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly ~



I am going to be totally honest with you. I am truly missing you, the feeling gives me unbelievable pain. And I was angry for not being able to talk to you. So very pissed. I am human too right. I feel things acutely when you are not near.
You know how to make me feel alright. A simple text is suffice. When I know that you think about me too, I feel like singing in the rain. You are my everything baby and I am so in love with you…

~ Dilly ~
17/04 / 2014