Miraculous You…

Just when I thought I will go numb as a zombie and try to be brave despite the tears if sadness falling from my eyes, no I was not being a drama queen but merely missing you so badly since I feel a strong presence of you in my heart, you called me. The gloom and death like silence and melancholy is no more. My heart rejoiced and I felt rejuvenated.  How you can lift the dark clouds in my bad day. You are indeed a miracle…

~ Dilly ~


I do not love you for fun…

I do not love you for fun. I do not love you because I don’t have any other or because I want to pass time or because I am used to you. I love you because I want to spend my life with you,  because you understand me, because you put up with my sometimes childish demeanour. I am fragile and sometimes want to cut my own throat,  seriously.  But I keep telling myself that I have you. That is the greatest blessing to me. Your temper is harsh. It stab my heart many a time but I love you because you deserve to be loved by me.
I too deserve to have your love, am I not?

~ Dilly ~

How can I live without you..

You put the phone in anger. I am the root cause. You come above all. We both know that. I don’t want to go to bed with anger. When you are,  I am frustrated. I said things I don’t want to think again. I am truly sorry for the idiocy. I love you. It is a universal fact. How am I to live a single second Without you?
I will achieve our dream. I will not dream of any one but you. Not even in my death bed and afterlife. I just miss you so much when I don’t hear from you. Forgive me and forget the anger.  I love you in any given time or date I will always say that and I mean it.
Till death do us part and even after life I do love you…

~ Dilly ~