When I am near you,
Nothing else can even remotely explain how I feel.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly ~


On 19th with ♥…

It’s another 19th. Do you remember many moons ago a gentle soul fell in love with me. It was not easy because I had to fight with confusion and pride and then we discovered ourselves. Ever since then, oh boy, what a ride it was. Full of happiness and sometimes sadness. Frustration anger loneliness and misunderstanding was trying to get the worst of us.

I failed to read you at times but after all these years what I understood is that love is a commitment. When I say I love  you, I am promising you that I would not  break your heart but being with you through thick and thin. In good times and in bad. Holding your hand and making sure you get the best out of our relationship.

I love you so much, I tend to act naive at times but soon I rectify myself putting you before me. I hope I was able to make you happy all these years and I will in years to come.

You are not the easiest lover with your unexplained mood swings and fire balls of anger but I am sure that no one can make you happy like I do.

Well, it’s a fact.. ♥


~ Dilly ~
19/04 / 2014

I am only yours…

I love you only you and my life is only yours
My world is you my soul is yours
I have eyes for you
I have vowed to you to love till I die and afterlife
My baby, love me till I’m breathless and even when I am far…

Don’t have any doubts about my love my baby. I have given myself to you and I don’t, even when I am unconscious, think about anyone but you. I love you so much, so very much and every day I want you to have and to hold.
I love you so much..

~ Dilly ~


I feel alone without you.
My heart is not beating.
Where are you?

~ Dilly ~

You are my sun…

Being in love with you is a fantastic thing. Just like the sun is shining in the morning, I am sure my life would be such a sunny one with your love. Every moment I spend with you is a bliss.
I thank you for loving me this much.
You are my sun…

~ Dilly ~

Want You near…

When I dream of you whole night and open my eyes, you are not hear near me. I miss the warmth of your body. It’s the greatest feeling to be woken up with the love of your life. Cuddling and whispering sweet nothing to his ears. I want it. I want to wake up sleep and do everything with you. I love you so much, it hurts me to be away with you. Waiting to see your smiling face in the morning my darling…

~ Dilly ~

I promise you that…

I just want to make you happy. With me. I know I am not at the moment and it burdens me. I look after you like a baby, naughty baby you are really, but at some aspects I fail since we are not together all the time. Time slips through our hands and I am becoming older. I want you to remember me when I am dead as the girl who gave every thing to the love of her life,  not anything less. I will make it happen and will make you happy.
I promise you that.

~ Dilly ~