Didn’t hear you for the whole day. Four more long days to go. I feel a huge chunk of my life is missing and there is a hollow inside my heart. But I can’t do anything about it but wait. We have obviously met for a reason and in gloomy days like this all I can do is sit and wait. I am a mature adult and I have to bear this somehow.
God help me…

~ Dilly~


Amidst the pain I always love you…


I am tired. Physically. Everywhere aches. Only solace is the feeling that I have you. I love you so much. Want You to know that.

~ Dakshi ~

Feel my heart beat?

I just want to spend my entire life with you. You are too adorable and I can’t stop thinking about you.  When we are not together, tears come to my eyes involuntarily.
I love you so so very much. Feel my heart beat?

~ Dilly ~

Nothing is impossible…

When someone feel the love of their life, in every breath, that is quite something don’t you think? It is a rare phenomenon since all are thinking of how to make “their” lives better and never reciprocate.

If I say I love you that would be an understatement. It does not exactly depict the immense adoration I have for you. It’s a craze to love someone so madly, despite the follies of both sides and pains of the heart.

As you say “Nothing is impossible”. What a lesson was that?  I am happy and proud to be on your side and to share my life with you. I love you and no matter what, we will find a way to reach our dreams and I know we would be so happy together, in times to come and in after lives too.

Forgive me for reserving you, for me, all for myself.

I just love you so much…


~ Dilly ~