Whatever happens whatever you say to me or not say, I can’t stop loving you.
Is it a miracle?

~ Dilly ~



I wish you’d be less mad at me at times. You are the God I always look up to. You are my world, my entire universe. You know that, yet you get mad at trifling things. It hurts me, it hurts me like hell. You know I only want to love you, only love you. And when you become mad at me, look away from me when I try to turn your face into me, it hurts me. After sometime, you become sad and talk back, lovingly and very gently. But I wish you would not get mad at me in the first place. But then again, it would not be you, it would be someone else, if I ask you to change your ways. Better to get hurt than having a different person to love. Isn’t it?