A serious wish…

I love you. I start all my letters by saying so. It is true. With loads on my back and lots of things going on, basically chores, I am uneasy. I need you, to be with me, a dream I may hardly be able to fulfill. I miss you, when we don’t talk my heart just break. Do you know that feeling of being lost among the crowd? I don’t know why I love you this much. But I do. I really really do. You are too adorable to resist. I pray that we could be able to be together till eternity. I seriously wish that.

~ Dilly~


My God you are…

I am all yours and you have all the rights about me. It is a fact.  When I first said ” I do” I have given you the power to love me or crush and burn me.
You are my God…

~ Dilly~

Make me relaxed…

I know you have hundred and one things on your mind. I know you are worried too. But I want you not to bother about anything. I am here for you. Wish I could talk with you leisurely but I will bear it up. I want to cuddle up with you and die in your arms. It is such a pain to live far away from you. I love you so much.  I love you more than I can say. You are my baby. My everlasting love. I need your voice to sedimentate myself..

~ Dilly~

Amidst the pain I always love you…


I am tired. Physically. Everywhere aches. Only solace is the feeling that I have you. I love you so much. Want You to know that.

~ Dakshi ~

Feel my heart beat?

I just want to spend my entire life with you. You are too adorable and I can’t stop thinking about you.  When we are not together, tears come to my eyes involuntarily.
I love you so so very much. Feel my heart beat?

~ Dilly ~


When I am near you,
Nothing else can even remotely explain how I feel.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly ~

On 19th with ♥…

It’s another 19th. Do you remember many moons ago a gentle soul fell in love with me. It was not easy because I had to fight with confusion and pride and then we discovered ourselves. Ever since then, oh boy, what a ride it was. Full of happiness and sometimes sadness. Frustration anger loneliness and misunderstanding was trying to get the worst of us.

I failed to read you at times but after all these years what I understood is that love is a commitment. When I say I love  you, I am promising you that I would not  break your heart but being with you through thick and thin. In good times and in bad. Holding your hand and making sure you get the best out of our relationship.

I love you so much, I tend to act naive at times but soon I rectify myself putting you before me. I hope I was able to make you happy all these years and I will in years to come.

You are not the easiest lover with your unexplained mood swings and fire balls of anger but I am sure that no one can make you happy like I do.

Well, it’s a fact.. ♥


~ Dilly ~
19/04 / 2014