My Innocence…


White symbolizes truth. Pureness and innocence. Don’t you see my innocence? My undying love and admiration for you? Open your eyes baby, don’t hurt me anymore. I have gone through hell for you, I bore your every mood without complaining and don’t I have a right for your love?
I love you so so very much and I miss you so very much…

Photo credits : Cold Heart

~ Dilly ~
16 / 04 / 2014



I just love you so much.
Wanted to say that one more time.
You are just perfect….♥♥♥

~ Dilly ~
09 / 04 / 2014


Whatever happens whatever you say to me or not say, I can’t stop loving you.
Is it a miracle?

~ Dilly ~

I Thank Thee…

I am running out of words to praise you. You would ask “ why praise me?”

Well, because you deserve it. Mundane explanation isn’t suffice, so I want to express myself extraordinarily. I am writing poems, in such passion and letters too. I want everyone in the world to know what an inspiration you are to me. You are not just a person, who just exist. You have made a positive impact on my life and I am truly, truly blessed to have you. I want to look after you and I want to be looked after by you. I want you to be gentle with me and pamper me. I love to be pampered, hearing luby duby words by you. I am bit old for that but still.

Even if you never do any of those, still I am insanely happy with you and happy to be your love.

I thank thee…

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~ Dilly ~


The spark….

A night full of darkness. You are not near me physically but in my mind’s eye I see you brighter than the sun. You are the sun of my lonely world. Who would I be without you, a crazy wanderer who seek love but never finding it. I found all the answers to my used to be boring life. You are like a spark plug, sparkling my whole life in just a micro second. A real gentle one I always wanted and adore. You understand me exceptionally well and I want to say I am so proud of you my baby.
I love you so much….

~ Dilly ~

My Dream come true, is YOU…

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I don’t know whether you read this. That does not matter, really. You are such a God send. I want you to know that, being with you, makes me whole. Makes me ME. The happy me. You complete me, totally and colour my empty life. you care for me, think of me, love me. That’s great. Every girl’s dream.

And you are my dream come true.

I love you so very much, I do, with every breath I take…






My Religion…

You have become my religion. You name is like a prayer that come to my lips every morning. I keep remembering you, your scent, your kiss and everything belongs to you. I chant hymns and pray. My eyes need to see only you, y hands yearn for your touch, my lips cry for a kiss and my entire body rebels when I think of you. God, you are so unbelievably amazing and I’m utterly and completely and insanely in love with you.

Yeah, it feel so good to be in love with you, my Sweetest love…

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