Thank those two…

Thank you so much Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone and Martin Cooper for the Mobile Phone. I could have been in a state of insanity if not for you two. You made me alive and kicking.  🙂

~ Dilly ~


To be in love…

You know what I like to hear the most? You saying I love you. When you say that my heart jumps up and down and it tingles and tickles and gives me a mesmerizing feeling. It makes me excited and jubilant because I know exactly what I want in life. You. Nothing but you and your love and it is the best feeling on earth, to have and to hold the one who means the universe to me and the best part is you also feel the same. You love me, probably more than me but I adore you for everything you are.

You make me so alive and I feel that I’m alive when I’m with you.

What a feeling it is, to be in love…