I just love you so much.
Wanted to say that one more time.
You are just perfect….♥♥♥

~ Dilly ~
09 / 04 / 2014


I just want you…

I want to take care of you the way I want. At the moment I can’t and it makes me crazy. I can’t do anything the way I want. Grrrr…
Such an irritating feeling. All my powers are useless. What a tragedy it is to wake up alone after dreaming of you all night. I love you. Where is God? I want him to help me. I rather die than feeling lonely in this pain.
Please help me God, to be with my love.  I feel nothing without my love. I love you so very much. Please be with me. Love me. Say everything will be alright. I miss you so much….

~ Dilly ~