You Surprise me, always…

You always surprise me.

When I am feeling down and out and struggling to live one more second, thinking how painful love is when your guy isn’t near you ….

You call me, always at that time where I have lost hope and ready to give in to the melancholy creeping inside, trying to invade my sanity.

I just love you so much…



~ Dilly ~



Fact that you know…

I was thinking all the ups and downs we had. All the pain I gave you and you gave me. How I disappointed you and you disappointed me. All in all, what matters is, even now you make me hot and cold at the same time and I think it is pure awesome. Love will decay, a smarty pant said but love would not. Many people tried to eradicate it from this earth it blossoms again and again, in the minds of us. Love never decays or get old. Perspective is. So since I want to fall in love everyday with you, I changed my perspective.
You are not perfect. Your ways have eroded my heart in zillion ways. I have to bear lots of pains and I am not the naïve girl you met couple of years ago. I was not sure of the powers of my love before. I was scared to lose you but I fear nothing now. It is a fact that we are meant to go that long long way. So better get used to it because I have asked for you in lives to come too. I have so much love for you, I want to give everything to you and make you satisfied. I may not sound gentler and stupid like before but the fact remain true to my heart.
I love you btw It’s a fact….

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~ Dilly ~


The smile I would die for…

We have come so far together. I have shed tears, so did you, when I was acting like a lunatic sometimes. I wasn’t really mad, but the idea of living without you mad me insane.

I still remember how you touched my hand for the first time, I was driving and you touched my hand, slowly softly with bit hesitation. I liked it. I liked the feeling of your warm hand brushing mine, giving me wonderous feeling, a sensation which I did not felt before. I loved you at that moment and a river was flowing in me, a river of love and affection.

When you were not near me, my heart was sad and I could not cope. I cried in pain. It was agonizing. For the first time of my life, I felt what love is. All my senses seek you, retorting and rushing towards you and my love was overflowing. I remember how you waited for me, your eyes seeking my presence and when you see me finally, the smile that I would die for. Even now I see it. It is still there. You hardly show that but I sense it.

Every moment of you shows how much you love me. I was a fool not to see that. I am innocent my baby. I have loved you, only you and I am and always will. You mean the world to me and I am not just saying but I have no means of proving it. I forgive everything you do, you have made me cry by your bolts of anger and I am afraid of those. It is like hot coal on my bare skin. I burn, mercilessly. Do you feel my pain?

But I always believe that you are the best thing that has happened to me. We love each other, we think of each other and I am sure I will die before you. Don’t hurt me if you can because I have ocean full of love, in my heart, just for you and I have dedicated my poor soul to you, without any fear. It is yours now. Save it and save me from my tears.

I love you so very much…

~ Dilly ~



I need you to be alive.

Is there a better compliment than that about how much you mean to me?

I love you…




~ Dilly ~


You are my strength…

I love you. You love me. It’s just great to be around you and feeling the warmth of your love. Your presence in my life is the greatest thing on earth for me. It makes me strong and I can go on living my life, hoping for all the positive things to happen and wishing us to have all the very best. I know we can achieve anything. You are with me. So anything is possible.

You are my strength.


~ Dilly ~


Keeping the calm…

You must be sleeping. I love you baby. I just can’t get enough of you. You are full of action and it is great. You naughty baby, you love me but like to go all macho isn’t it? Love that. Even when you don’t utter a single word, I love you. I am keeping my calm and being positive.


~ Dilly ~


In many more lives to come…

I am an extremist in love. You know that well. I am extremely fragile when it comes to love. When it comes to you. You are some sort of a ruling God in my eyes. With single look, you can just quash me and destroy me and make me want to suicide even. That powerful. I have handed over my life to you. You can handle it the way you want. No restrictions or instructions. Love me, kill me, everything is upon your mercy. I wish to be in your arms in many more lives to come.



~ Dilly ~