I have promised to give you everything…

Yes, I have promised to give you everything. My heart my soul and my body. Yet I have disappointed you today. I long for your love, tell me is it wrong of me? A day where I can wake up next to you is all I yearn. Am I wrong? I love you so much, even my bone marrow inside me cry for you. I know I have born to love you. Am I wrong?
Yes I have promised to love you eternally and after. So please forgive me and take my all please?

~ Dilly ~


Under the scorching sun…

I stand still under the scorching sun,  wondering where you are. I get mad easily, a sense of restlessness makes me incomplete. I resent my existence. You and me, so far away. I am troubled by the distance. I just need your voice,  whispering into my ears. Even when we lose all our youthful vigor. Even when we grow old. I just want to grow old with you, taking care of you. That would be just bliss…

~ Dilly ~

Just you and me…

You are my Peace. I would like to rest my head on your shoulder and wait. You will breathe in and out and I am pretty sure you will shower me with warm kisses. I like to listen to your heart beat. All the worries in the world would be forgotten. Just you and me, together, in our own safe haven. I love you, so very much.

Keeping faith and thinking of a better tomorrow.



~ Dilly ~


I just need you around me…

I just need you around me. It’s a very simple fact. You may say we are not matching in some way but in my mind’s eye I see you as perfect. The best person for me to spend my life with. Have you not heard, the opposite attracts?

What matters is the love and understanding we have. Life is not going to be easy for us but I think we have come so far and we can go so far as well.

I trust you. I believe we are meant to be. I respect your freedom and value your individuality. Above all I love you and I take our relationship very seriously.

So I think we can go the extra mile, , together as ONE…