How can I not love you?


When we push things too hard, they go away from us. That is a universal truth and I know now it’s true. If I pester you, invade your privacy, keep calling you and bother, then perhaps tonight, I would not have you. Love is patient and so am I. you mean so much to me. You are my love, my life, my soul mate, my everything. So I should cultivate soma patience and be the companion you always seek. The friend, the comrade, the mother, I will have all these roles. Because you are worthy of all the hardships and all the pains. You are truly worthy enough for my love, my compassion and my soul.

How can I not love you?




Everlasting Love…

I was able to talk with you today, but  on and off which is not enough. I missed the long romantic conversations we usually have. I should look after you more, I feel I’m not doing enough. You need my warmth but you hardly say. But I know. I will give you all the love I have. I will give you everything I have, for you, because you make me alive with your everlasting love.



Today seems to be far far better than last few days. You seem to be understanding and loving me softly, just the way I wanted. A little bit of patience can do wonders. You love me, I have no doubt but when you show that you do, that make me ecstatic and jubilant, making me the happiest girl on entire universe. You have the capability of making me happy and sad; I love it, if you choose the former, i.e. Making me happy, rather than the latter.

I love you, whatever you choose though.